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May 5 - 16, 2014

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Instantly Download Over 24 Hours of the Best & Most Up-to-date Training on How to Generate More Money with Video for Just $197.


People are grabbing the Superhero Recordings Pack like hotcakes.

And that's for 1 VERY good reason:

They want to make sure they won't miss ANY PIECE of all the valuable content and teaching that's been shared over the course of the past 10 days.

Each of the 10 sessions broke down and demystified a unique but essential piece of the puzzle of doing online video right.

Each superhero brought you new and never-before-seen tools & strategies designed to instantly grant you more authority, visibility and generate vastly more income than anything else you can do in your business.

When you realize that missing ANY of them could impact your marketing results, I'm sure you'll see the value of grabbing all 10 of these transformational sessions (plus all the extras you'll see below) for just $197!

The "superhero pack" includes:

  • Downloadable videos & audios of every one of the TEN video superhero interviews so you can listen wherever and whenever you want
  • Double-speed versions of each of the audios for those who like to fly through the content
  • Transcripts of all interviews so you can quickly refer to the killer video mastery strategies you need – and don’t miss anything
  • The COMPLETE event comic passbook containing the full infographic for each Superhero System to refer back to so you never forget an important step in getting your message out there
  • Keep all the important marketing secrets handy so you can benefit from them over and over again

Just $197!

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In these dark times, your tribe needs your support and today's Video Marketing Superheroes are here to carry the light of truth and fortune. So answer the call and become a Superhero Affiliate and help bring forth the light of truth and fortune.

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