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May 5 - 16, 2014

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  • Hero


    • Superpower: Build an Unstoppable Brand with YouTube
    • Kryptonite: 'Busy' work

    Monday, May 13

    5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

    Online Business owners across the country (and the world) are paying attention to what James Wedmore has to say about the hottest, and most lucrative, marketing vehicle on the web: VIDEO!

    In what can be a sea of clutter and confusion when it comes to Online Marketing, James has a talent for breaking it down and keeping it simple. More than just an expert on Video Marketing, James is recognized as an expert in Business Marketing, Coaching and Branding.

    With passion, generosity and a genuine desire to help dedicated entrepreneurs to succeed, this guy is quickly blazing a trail and setting new standards in the world of Online Business.

  • Hero


    • Superpower: Can produce huge amounts of content quickly
    • Kryptonite: Accounting & Numbers

    Tuesday, May 14

    5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

    Don Crowther helps companies build their traffic, sales and profits online. As a leading Internet marketing and social media expert, consultant, trainer and speaker, Don has helped thousands of companies worldwide to increase the traffic to their sites, to build their social media presence and impact, and to improve their website conversion.

    Unlike other so-called experts who teach concepts that theoretically ought to work, Don can identify, test, prove, & develop strategies and tactics that work in real-life competitive marketplaces. If your hear it from Don, rest assured it’s been real-world tested and works well!

    Don is the creator of the world’s best-selling course on building business using social media and trained tens of thousands people.

  • Hero


    • Superpower: Making millions with webinars
    • Kryptonite: Pepsi Max

    Wednesday, May 15

    2:30 PDT / 5:30pm EDT

    Jason Fladlien has, at the age of 29, created two separate 7-figure businesses from scratch. That’s pretty impressive considering just 6 1/2 years ago he was painting houses for $12 an hour and living in a 350 sq. ft. apartment.

    He has tens of thousands of customers who seek him out for his Internet marketing systems, and Jason is probably best known for his ability to get results extremely quickly. He is also considered one of the foremost experts on using webinars.

    These days he spends most of his time focusing on growing Rapid Crush, Inc. and is on pace to break 8 figures in the next 14 months.

  • Hero


    • Superpower: Be a market leader in 30 minutes a week
    • Kryptonite: Walnuts & Chocolate

    Thursday, May 16

    3pm PDT / 6pm EDT

    Pete Williams is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and marketer from Melbourne, Australia. At the young age of 21, Pete sold the Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia’€™s Yankee Stadium) for under $500! Since then, he’s made the pages of numerous media publications and referred to as Australia's Richard Branson.

    Pete is known for his uncanny ability to identify and create successful business. Some of his companies include On Hold Advertising, Infiniti Telecommunications, Simply Headsets and Preneur Group. He'€™s also the author of the international smash hit '€˜How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality'€™

  • Hero


    • Superpower: Captivating audiences
    • Kryptonite: The 'Moriarty' inside the head

    Friday, May 17

    10am PDT / 1pm EDT

    Steven Washer, the 'Sherlock Holmes of Video Marketing', is on a mission to unlock the power of video so thought leaders, mavericks, and independent business owners can use the power of the movies to attract clients and other opportunities that take their messages far and wide.

    What he knows to be true is that video is fast becoming the preferred way that consumers rely upon to make decisions to solve problems that are giving them serious discomfort. Video trumps text every day of the week for conveying tone of voice, body language, and the meaning of what is said, so getting to YES can be easier than ever before. A life-long love affair with movies and technology, and learning from his work as a professor, marketer and director uniquely prepared Steve to guide people from around the globe to leverage their own video cameras to make money. It's just that simple. It's time to learn how to use the camera to make magic happen now in your life and business.

  • Hero


    • Superpower: 'Icon Engineering'
    • Kryptonite: Early mornings

    Monday, May 20

    5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

    Marshall Wayne makes his living as an “International currency dealer”. Due to creative branding, at 26 he was put on the front page of The USA Today Money section, CNN, LA Times and CNBC.

    He is now taking that knowledge and teaching other people how to creatively brand themselves, turning them into what he consider to be, 'Movie Star Entrepreneurs,' using his Icon Engineering program

  • Hero


    • Superpower: Transforming business with the power of story
    • Kryptonite: Cats & Call centers

    Tuesday, May 21

    5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

    Marisa Murgatroyd is the co-creator of Superhero Summits and founder of Live Your Message, where she helps people translate their big message for the world into a leading brand and lucrative web platform that positions them as the #1 authority in their field so they can get more clients, have more impact and find the freedom they’ve been looking for.

    She also walks her talk, and has built her company, Live Your Message, into a successful mid-six-figure enterprise in less than 2 years by following her own message, branding and positioning advice. At 4’11”, they call her the shortest woman in marketing.

  • Hero


    • Superpower: The art of the '1-Take'
    • Kryptonite: A rigid schedule

    Wednesday, May 22

    3pm PDT / 6pm EDT

    Academy Award Winning Filmmaker, Recording Artist, Best-Selling Author, Radio Host and known the world-over as the €œiPhone Video Marketer,€ Matthew Peters trains individuals and organizations how to use simple, fast & easy techniques with video tools they already own to get pro-quality results.

    His 22 years of professional video production coupled with a focus on return on investment gives him a unique perspective. Matthew is a husband of 15 years and father of two beautiful children. They reside in Madison, WI.

  • Hero

    Andy Jenkins &
    Mike Filsaime

    • Superpower: Making Video Sales Letters That Convert Like a Boss
    • Kryptonite: Insomia & Clove Cigarettes

    Thursday, May 23

    12pm PDT / 3pm EDT

    Andy Jenkins is the Creator of the Video Boss program to help starting and veteran Internet entrepreneurs amplify their marketing efforts through the power of video.

    Owner and writer of, Andy currently blogs to help online businessmen in the many aspects of Internet marketing - from SEO to social media.

    Andy is also partner and producer at Haxan Films, the film company that made the blockbuster hit 'The Blair Witch Project'

  • Hero


    • Superpower: Creating fame with video blogging
    • Kryptonite: Party Music

    Friday, May 24

    3pm PDT / 6pm EDT

    Jody Jelas has helped tons of speakers, authors, experts and entrepreneurs cement their place online as Rockstar-Business Gurus and for the last 13 years! She’s helped top business folk and online marketers grow their brand globally and develop online leveraged products and programs that bring in millions of dollars a year for her clients.

    Jody harnesses the power of online presence, branding, product creation, social media and marketing. She wants her clients and future business leaders to have more free time and automate their business, so they can spend their time doing what they really LOVE. She helps her clients identify a marketing model and online presence that gets them Fast Fame Online and most importantly provides maximum profits!

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May 5 - 16, 2014

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